What we do?

You may know the words “Remarketing” or “Retargeting”, right?
But what you don’t know is how it works inside the box.
Here we are, clear, transparent and fair!
We are going to share valuable data of your campaign with you giving insights and showing how we are performing over your campaign lifetime.

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Transparency. Clarity. Blue.

Giving you the transparency you need, will help you to drive your campaigns, not only with remarketing channel, but all channels and understand what your user is looking for.

You will be able to score your products according to what you want to display more often in our recommendation engine!

You know your business, we know the data, mixing your knowledge with our engine will improve the recommendation.

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We use Real Time Bidding to display your banner across the entire web.

You have experienced RTB for some time, but have you seen it inside?

Let’s show you in real time

  • Where we are displaying
  • Which banner size
  • Which Cookie Id

As you score a product or category in the recommendation engine, it also increases the bid price!

integration is EVERYTHING

We take the digital marketing to another level!


We are able to integrate and process your feed, either if it is in CSV, XML or an API integration!


Receive the report data directly into your system, integrating with your measure kit.


Every transaction and request is secured and encrypted.

Easy as it goes!

Dynamic Banners

We work with IAB banner formats, displaying the products dynamically according to what your user has seen in your website. Also, we are able to mix colours, effects and a lot more features.







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